Licensed Massage Therapy In Your Home - European : Hawaiian : Oriental

NORTH FORK MASSAGE Come relax and rejuvenate with at-home massage on the North Fork of Long Island, New York. Whether you live here or are a visitor to Greenport, Shelter Island or Southold, we will come to your location on-site and treat you to a private professional massage therapy that will calm, pamper and heal you.

You will feel invigorated, more alive with good health and deep peace of mind.

Our philosophy is that massage should be a deeply pleasurable & relaxing experience, for both your body and your mind, to enhance your health naturally. Occasionally, if recovering from an injury, the healing aspects of massage are momentarily less pleasurable.

The goal is always the end result of joyful, vibrant radiant health.

Our holistic approach to massage therapy uses manipulation techniques from three of the most beneficial massage types – Oriental, European and Hawaiian. We will customize your massage just for your body and special needs –creating the perfect blend of strokes, pressure, tension & motion to deeply relax your muscles, joints, tendons and lymphatic system (for system detoxification).

Let’s explore the types of massage we offer:

Oriental       European       Hawaiian